2020 Vision Statement

The Harvest Center is a Community of Guests, Volunteers and Staff whose lives are mutually transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a community where individuals affected by homelessness, poverty and unemployment are empowered through transitional programs and transformed by the Love of Christ

10 Guiding Principles

Our Harvest Center Community is composed of Guests and dedicated Volunteers and Staff - these principles guide how we respect and love one another and work together.  

Who we serve:  

1. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender with critical needs for food, clothing, shelter and other support services.

With whom we serve:     

2. We work with volunteers and community partners who respect our mission, vision and guiding principles.

How we serve:     

3. We seek the wisdom of Jesus Christ in all of our decisions.      

4. We serve with humility and Glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do.      

5. We consider our guests worthy of compassion regardless of where they find themselves.      

6. We serve all members of our community with integrity, trust, respect and love.     

7. We serve with a spirit of collaborative teamwork respecting the gifts and contributions of individual team members.     

8. We serve with commitment, good stewardship, unity and excellence.     

9. We serve with Passion, Energy, Perseverance and a Positive attitude (PEPP).

10. We seek the wisdom of trained practitioners to address challenges which we cannot resolve.