The Harvest Center of Charlotte was started over 30 years ago in the Genesis Park neighborhood of North East Charlotte. Ranked as the number one violent crime neighborhood in Charlotte in the early 1990’s, Genesis Park was widely known as an open drug market and an area plagued by poverty and hopelessness. The center began as a feeding ministry to this community and throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s evolved into an organization that provided hot meals, clothing, groceries, transitional housing, and after-school programs.

In 2011, The Harvest Center began offering job readiness and life skills classes to assist adults with making the transition to self-sufficiency. Recognizing the tremendous need for true life transformation of those served, The Harvest Center began its Transformation Program in 2013. By providing transitional housing, counseling, job skills training and connection to a faith community, this program has resulted in countless individuals who were hopeless and living in poverty becoming employed and self-sufficient. More importantly, they have hope in the future and a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.

By late 2014, the Board of The Harvest Center recognized that to continue expanding the services offered and to reach more people in our community, it would be necessary to relocate. After considerable research and prayer, The Harvest Center chose The Movement Center at 2225 Freedom Drive. A project of The Movement Foundation, The Movement Center partners with a number of effective ministries and local non-profit organizations to provide them with the platform to move their missions forward, grow the community and promote a greater movement. This partnership has enabled The Harvest Center to considerably expand our service offerings with like-minded organizations and bring hope to another area of Charlotte just as we did to Genesis Park so many years ago.