The Harvest Center, Transformation CLT Passport Program is a biblical, value-based incentivized environment for non-chronic homeless families and individuals. Our goal is to walk alongside motivated people through a transformational journey. The program includes assessments, creating goals with a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) or Family-Centered Plan (FCP), and meeting weekly with a Transformation Specialist. In our 12 to 18 month program, overcome root causes and obstacles, learn new skills & habits, and break the cycle of non-chronic homelessness through God’s Grace and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness include:

  1. Emotional - The first step toward overcoming homelessness is learning how to cope effectively with life and build satisfying relationships. Our Transformation Team and Strategic Partners can provide individual counseling, family counseling, and couples counseling, as well as classes, workshops, and educational opportunities. These classes focus on vision and life goal setting, relationships, self-esteem, self-talk, grief, hygiene, self-care, conflict management, anger issues, empathy, listening, embracing change, dressing for success and finding happiness with leisure and recreation activities to name a few.  
  2. Environmental - Focuses on a beautiful and peaceful transitional housing environment designed to restore dignity and promote a sense of well-being. Our Strategic Partners offer classes, workshops, and educational opportunities regarding organizing, housekeeping, safe neighborhoods, community gardening, conserving energy and water, and recycling, among other things.
  3. Financial - Find peace of mind with your current and future financial situation. Our Strategic Partners provide classes, education opportunities and workshops on short and long-term financial goals, how to track spending and budgeting, and debt reduction strategies. Additional topics include how to avoid credit card debt, legal counsel, cooking vs. eating out, starting a savings account, donating, and ways to save.
  4. Intellectual - We help you recognize and develop your creative abilities and find ways to broaden your knowledge and skills. Our Strategic Partners provide classes, workshops, and educational opportunities to improve memory, utilize critical thinking skills, and offer book clubs. We embrace all of the creative arts, including visual, dance, music, voice and theatre for therapy and tutoring others. We’ll even encourage you to obtain a degree, GED, learn a new language, musical instrument, or find a new hobby to enjoy.
  5. Occupational - We’ll inspire you to find personal satisfaction and enrichment from your work. Our staff and volunteers engage and equip adult program participants with the Jobs for Life Curriculum. Strategic Partners provide classes, workshops, and educational opportunities to develop IT and work skills, as well as help train for higher-paying careers.
  6. Physical - We help you recognize the importance of a primary care doctor/dentist, physical activity, healthy nutrition, and adequate sleep. Our Strategic Partners provide classes, workshops, and educational opportunities for healthy exercise, cooking, dance, regular doctor and dentist appointments, as well as sports opportunities for children and adults.
  7. Social - We’ll encourage you to develop a sense of connection and belonging while fostering a natural support system. Our Strategic Partners and volunteers provide one-on-one and family mentoring, parenting classes, kids programs, before/after school care and summer camps. Take advantage of classes, workshops, and educational opportunities that focus on setting healthy boundaries, treating others with respect, communication skills, and family dynamics.
  8. Spiritual - Most importantly, we’ll help expand your sense of purpose and empower you to find a higher meaning in life. Strategic Partners offer a home-church, bible studies, and opportunities to establish clear values. Learn to nourish a sense of self-confidence, develop inner peace and purpose, and promote self-reflection. Learn meditation, encourage prayer, make space for solitude/contemplation, create a volunteer spirit, and provide a place for curiosity and playfulness.

As our participants work through the eight dimensions of wellness and our three distinct phases to graduate, our overall outcomes include:

Jobs - acquire sustainable full-time employment making at least $15.00 per hour utilizing your God-Given Talents.
Faith - Connected to a spiritual community.
Housing - obtain sustainable, permanent housing

Every individual and family situation is unique. However, the following success factors are universal for all participants. To be admitted into our Transformation CLT Passport Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Highly motivated for success and willing to go above and beyond for long-term change by Experience homelessness, poverty, and unemployment due to a life-altering event
  2. Single adults age 18+, Married couples w/ Children, OR Single Mom’s/Dad’s with children
  3. No PENDING criminal charges; No Felonies in last six years
  4. Actively seeking a faith community, gainful full-time employment and a more permanent living situation
  5. Free and clean of impairing substances and can always pass a drug test
  6. Willing to be employed in a permanent full-time job
  7. Willing to Participate in assessments, programs, and counseling
  8. Provide  the Harvest Center with a copy of your Comprehensive Clinical Assessment at entry and sign a release of information
  9. Willing and able to attend any classes prescribed on your Person/Family-Centered Plan
  10. Positive attitude and willingness to give back to the community
  11. Understand there is limited living space for your items and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to change

If you meet the above criteria, please click on the blue Screening Application link below and fax our three-page screening application to 704-335-8818. We will keep your request on file and reach out to you when we have openings.

If you do not meet our criteria or would like a faster option, please reach out to our Transformation Director at 704-335-1616 ext. 112 and learn about other opportunities in Charlotte that could fit your needs.

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