Healing is the Heart of the Matter
July 29, 2019

Today I had the great pleasure of volunteering in the Teddy Technology Lab. My role is just to show up on Wednesday afternoons and help any Harvest Center clients who are there – working on resumes, applying for jobs online, sending emails. I’m never quite sure who will be there and what their needs might be but I am sure that the Lord is present and puts me in just the right place at the right time.

As I entered the lab today, a Transformation Program graduate, Philip, was sitting in front of the monitor, looking quite frustrated. “Does anyone need help today?”, I asked. A relieved “Yes!” came from his corner of the room. Phillip had his completed resume on a pin drive that he carried with him at all times, hoping he would never lose it. He was trying to figure out how to email his resume to a prospective employer and upload it to an online job application.

Compared to many of the clients we serve at The Harvest Center, Philip has pretty good computer skills, but many of the tasks that seem second nature to our volunteers are confusing and frightening to individuals who have been homeless or out of the work force for an extended period of time. The lack of these skills can make it almost impossible to apply and ultimately secure employment.

Philip is a quick learner and in about 20 minutes,  he learned how to upload his resume to google drive (no longer having to worry about losing that pin drive!), how to attach it to an email and how to include it with an online job application. 20 minutes of my time has Philip on the way to gainful employment! 

While we worked on the computer, we had the time to talk about his family, his work experience, and his dreams for the future. Life has been tough for Philip but his faith in God and his friendships at The Harvest Center are giving him hope for a new life of independence and self sufficiency. I am so grateful that God put me at The Harvest Center this day so that I could be a part of the true life transformation taking place in Philip’s life!