We leverage the power of our professional partnerships and knowledgeable volunteers to create engagement opportunities for homeless men, women, and children through:

Isabella's Kitchen
While the words “soup kitchen” may conjure images of a bare-bones establishment, at Isabella’s Kitchen quality is every bit as important as compassion. Isabella’s welcomes in guests every Tuesday and Wednesday to provide healthy and hearty meals to our hungry neighbors. Guests can stop in for one or both of Isabella’s service hours, a power breakfast from 7:30-8:30 and an uplifting lunch from 11:30-12:30. All are welcome!

Community Resource Desk
The Community Resource Desk is a warm and welcoming information center and point-of-contact for community members to get help with almost any issue. Here, community members can get directions and resources to help them with housing referrals, job searches, transportation assistance, food, clothing and additional agency connections to get assistance with substance abuse and recovery support. The resource desk is available Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Dalton Hall Day Shelter
Sometimes, people just need a break from the world and a safe place to recharge. Dalton Hall is a shelter where people can come to escape the summer heat or frigid temperatures of winter. There is plenty of space for guests to stretch out relax, charge their cell phone, and take a nap. Dalton Hall is also home to our community resource desk, technology lab, and a prayer chapel for those who need a place to spiritually recharge and reconnect. Dalton Hall is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Prayer Chapel
We believe in the power of prayer to heal the hearts, minds and souls of anyone seeking transformation.  Our prayer chapel is a sanctuary for anyone seeking spiritual guidance or a quiet place to pray.  Call the resource desk for available times.

Harvest Inn
Through our partnership with Room in the Inn, we provide a warm place to sleep, a hot shower and a fresh meal to homeless men during the cold winter months, when they need it most. These services are coordinated through the Urban Ministry Center from late November until March.


We understand that it isn’t enough just to empathize with the homeless community, we need to build relationships with them. These are our neighbors, and by getting to know them as people we are restoring their dignity and giving them the respect that every single person deserves.

Community Service
The very act of giving back to your community is both empowering and restorative. That’s why we give our guests and transformation clients the opportunity to serve with our staff and volunteers on all kinds of different community assignments throughout the week.

Food and Furniture Referrals
Simply having access quality food and furniture is something many people take for granted. Our Resource Specialist provides administrative support to our guests and transformation clients by helping them find and obtain essential household goods, appliances, and supplemental food sources that are invaluable to their overall quality of life.

Teddy Technology Lab
In today’s world, not having access to commonplace technology can be crippling. The Teddy Technology Lab provides our neighbors with everything they need to find work, answer emails, or any other important technology-based tasks they might no otherwise be able to accomplish. Through our partnership with NC Works, we have seen over 200 of our unemployed guests find work, which is the primary hurdle standing between them and a new life.


Unhealthy choices, bad habits and unaddressed illnesses can cause immense pain and suffering. People often want to change but need guidance and support to do so. That’s where The Harvest Center’s Transformation Program comes in.

The Harvest Center’s Transformation Program is a unique transitional housing program for individuals seeking to improve their lives and move towards self-sufficiency. It includes the following components: 

Transitional/Supportive Housing
Homeless men and women receive full-time supportive housing for up to one year while they work to overcome the issues that perpetuate homelessness.

Mental Health Counseling Support
Nurturing mental health is every bit as important as physical health, which is why our partner agencies are committed to providing individual and group counseling for our transformation program participants whenever they need it.

Substance Abuse Support/Recovery
Our partner agencies provide weekly support group and recovery services for our transformation program participants.

Job Placement Assistance
Staff, volunteers and corporate partners provide job mentoring and coaching for our program participants as they seek out jobs, careers, and a future.

Biblical Training and Christian Mentoring
As a way to spiritually enrich the lives’ of our community, participants are actively involved in Bible studies and mentoring sessions led by our staff and volunteers. Members learn how to apply scripture to improve their personal lives, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

Life Coaching
Our certified Transformation Life Coaching staff equip participants with the tools they need to reconnect with the world and thrive. Our coaches help our community members gain new perspectives, apply practical life skills and embrace spiritual wisdom.

Our program participants are partnered with a mentor who will journey alongside them in their newly transformed lifestyle and help them achieve their personal development goals.

Other Agency Partnerships
The Harvest Center maintains strategic partnerships with organizations that provide complimentary services for our clients including: Mecklenburg Department of Social Services, Second Harvest Food Bank, Charlotte Rescue Mission, Dove’s Nest, Charlotte Works, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Charlotte Family Housing, Jackson Park Ministries, Hoskins Park Ministries and Loaves and Fishes.

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