Volunteers provide hands on service needed to support our staff and clients.  There are many ways to serve at The Harvest Center of Charlotte. 

Isabella's Kitchen - Set up, clean up and break down of the dining hall, food prep and service, host and servers in the dining hall, trash pick up and truck loading and unloading.

Devotion Speaker - Prepare and deliver spiritually based devotions to encourage and motivate our participants to live lives that honor God and bring good to our community.

Technology Assistants - Assist neighbors navigate the world of computers and technology as they search for jobs, housing and other public assistance.

Class Facilitators - Assist staff with teaching curriculum in spiritual discipleship, basic life skills, career coaching, nutrition, health and wellness and various topics.

New Life Mentor - Provide a one on one mentoring relationship with a program graduate for up to one year.

Jobs For Life Team

Champion Team Leader - Recruits, equips, directs and encourages a team of mentors to walk alongside students in the JL training course.

Business Relations Leader - Serves as the "ambassador" spokesperson for JfL efforts to the business community, calls on employers.

Course Instructor - Facilitates the Jobs for Life Curriculum in a caring and professional approach to set the stage for learning.

Small Group Discussion Leader - Leads small group discussion of 3-4 students during each JfL class.

Prayer Team Leader - Coordinates and encourages a prayer team committed to pray regularly and specifically for all components of JfL.

Our Transitional houses are always in need of individual or group Volunteers to:

  • Collect/Donate towels, sheets, pillows, dishes, furniture, appliances, and etc.
  • Prepare meals, fellowship and share with our Program Participants (some of our Program Participants would appreciate learning cooking/kitchen skills!)

**Inviting Transformation Program Participants to be a speaker:  We encourage our Program Participants to share their success stories, testimonies, and motivation. Therefore, if you would like to schedule one of our Program Participants to speak at a Church, School, Community Organization, etc., please contact our Core Services Supervisor, Matt Daniels at mdaniels@theharvestcenter.org or 703-335-1616 ext. 104.  We thank you in advance for the opportunity!